DJ Demo Set | OneSky | Brian Nori


Creative Flow (1 hr)

Creative Flow's intention is to unlock the healing energy of our inner child through a safe & playful sense of communal self expression. By interacting through a series of fun & playful games participants fuel their inner fire of confidence, creativity, unity and authenticity.

In the Mouth of the Dragon – The healing world of psychedelics (1.5 hrs)

The intention of this workshop is to help to offer a deep perspective of the healing properties of psychedelics.  10 years ago I was diagnosed with MS and nearly lost my ability to walk. In a hail-mary attempt to find a cure I found myself grasping at unconventional healing modalities. This led me deep into the Amazon rainforest where I spent over half a year working closely with Ayahuasca, San Pedro & traditional plant medicine of the Shipibo tribe. The transformation that came forward was far beyond anything I could have possibly imagined and has shifted my entire perspective on life & the healing modalities of the body, mind & spirit.

Upon returning from the jungle I continued to expand in my knowledge of psychedelics. In time I started to cultivate a variety of psilocybin mushrooms. This is when I discovered a direct link between the use of magic mushrooms & autoimmune disease. I will be going into detail as to what this link is & how to safely work with magic mushrooms & various psychedelics.

Primary topics of discussion psilocybin, Ayahuasca (DMT), LSD & Mescaline

Sacred Geometry (1 hr)

Sacred geometry is a study of universal patterns that can be found throughout nature. As above so below, these distinct geometric patterns can be found in the formation of the smallest atom to the massive forces that birthed our galaxy. I will be sharing a history of these patterns, their origins & how they appear distinctly through symbols linked by various cultures spread out through time across the globe.

This is a deep & exciting rabbit hole. One that starts to unlock the depths of who we are, our history & technology.