Brian Nori (b.1983) is a self-taught Canadian artist who started exploring the arts & computers at a very early age. His passions inspired his professional career in multimedia design where he expanded & fine-tuned his skills in a variety of mediums.

Brian was diagnosis with MS in 2012. On a journey toward healing he sought out the unconventional healing medicine of the Shipibo tribe in the Peruvian Amazon. His experience in the jungle completely transformed his life.

Returning from the jungle half a year later, Brian made his defining decision to honor his creative passion to dedicate his life to the arts. His renaissance spirit is eager to combine the old with the new.

His work aims to connect to the emotional body through an exploration of the conscious & subconscious mind. His intention is to inspire new perspectives of self-discovery to forge a path to help heal the mind, body & spirit.

Featured works of Brian Nori

Summerdaze 2021 (2x)

I was hired by Summerdaze Festival (summer 2021)  as a projection mapping artist & VJ. I was granted the creative freedom to design & build the overall projection structures & lighting setup for the main music stage. While working on an extremely tight timeframe with a small creative team  we were able to finish the build while ensuring that the stage was both structurally sound & in alignment with the overall vision. This assignment was all orchestrated in a single day and included a full visual projection mapping of the structure (a series of 3 projectors) which was then used to VJ the DJ’s on the premiere of the festival that night.

Camp Summerdaze held a second event this summer in which I extended my responsibilities to take on the role of lead art director. My responsibilities included resource & talent scouting, management of construction teams to build out the vision of two main stages, 2 interactive art installations, an art car DJ booth, projection mapping, light painting photo booth, VJ & DJ.

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Featured Projects of 2020

Electric Forest

I was brought on to Electric Forest’s projection mapping team in 2020. We designed and mapped over 14 major art installations within the forest in a matter of a three week span.

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Virtual Santa Clause

I was brought on by Downtown Sudbury & the YMCA to bring a live interactive holographic Santa Clause experience to Sudbury in the wake of the Covid19 pandemic. I teamed up with AtmosFX & our local Santa Clause to bring the experience to life through developing a live interactive rear projection experience where children could interact with Santa & his elves at the North Pole.

News Article – Sudbury Star
News Article –

Sudbury Art Crawl

I was taken on to redevelop the online presence of the Downtown Sudbury Art Crawl. This job entailed developing their new website, online auctions & mapping system, video production & media, and a backend automations system to macro-manage artist applications, communications & curations.

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Press & Publications

2016: Sudbury Star (January) – Link
2016: (January) – Link
2019: CTV – Link
2020: CTV – Link
2022: CTV – Gallery Opening – Link
2022: – Gallery Opening – Link

Selected Exhibitions

2018 : ArtFest, Sudbury ON- Link
2018 : Live Painting / Sudbury Burlesque Show / Oct – Link
2019 : Projection Mapping Team / Electric Forest Festival / New Era, MI – Link
2020 : Installation / Downtown Sudbury Art Crawl
2022 : Portraits of Resiliance / AGO Toronto
2022 : Nori Gallery / Solo Exhibition / Sudbury ON

Upcoming Events

June 2022: Groove & Bass : Featured Artist
July 2022: Shambhala Music Festival : Featured artist, Live Painting
July 2022: Stage Design & Projection mapping artist : Camp Summerdaze
Aug 2022: Play for Change : Auction, Live Painting & Art Show


2000: CEO of Web Design 1, Saginaw MI
2008: Professional Photographer / Candid Studios, Sudbury ON
2013: Manager / Long Valley Productions, Toronto ON
2015: Communications Manager / Chaikuni Institute, Temple of the Way of Light,  Peru
2016-2020: CEO / Paint Social, Sudbury ON
2020: Event Coordinator / Downtown Sudbury Art Crawl, Sudbury ON
2021: Art Director & Featured artist / Camp Summerdaze Festival
2022: Opening of Nori Gallery – 76 Cedar st, Sudbury ON
2022: Sudbury Burlesque / Projection installation, Live Painting & Showcase

Brian Nori is a Canadian multi-disciplinary artist & curator based out of Sudbury Ontario.

2022 Art Catalog – [Download]

Resume – [Download]

Autobiography – [Read More…]

Clients Include:

  • OnPharm
  • Cici Carter Jewelry
  • Doyle Dodge
  • Alarm North
  • Long Valley Productions
  • Candid Studios
  • SB Photography
  • Freedom Fight
  • BJP Rising Athletes
  • Science North
  • Laurentian University
  • Health Sciences North
  • Compass Group Intl
  • Valley East Days
  • YMCA
  • Downtown Sudbury
  • Sudbury Art Crawl 
  • LaVitalite
  • Robo Roulette
  • The inspired Peach
  • Electric Forest Festival
  • Lost Lands Festival
  • Summerdaze Festival
  • Monique Legault Studio
  • North 82
  • Sudbury Music Scene 
  • Liuna 493

Deam Collection

To life

Meditation’s Light


Goddess Divine



Urban Bliss – Meditation #3

The Mask

Tides of Mortality

Orion’s Passage

True Essance



Mind Gate

Aya’s Journey

Ego Death

Spirit of the Forest – Meditation #4

Wild Spirit

The Veil


Fractal Dimensions

Mushroom Fairy


Wolf & The Raven

BLM Tribute




Step Matrix


Electric Forest

Sudbury Water Tower


Fractal Universe

Old Man

Robin Williams

The Alchemist


Spirit of the Panther

Strength of the Tiger



Roots of Tranquility

Brian Nori

Here & Now

Courage of the Lion

Brian Nori - Canadian Artist