Art of Brian Nori & T.H. | Feb 21-28 2022

Panthera Collection

The Panthera Collection is a series of 3 5×4 ft acrylic art paintings. These paintings are incredibly unique as the techniques involved in the creation of each piece defy convention. Each painting is built in a series of specific & unique layers.

“The intention of these paintings are to breathe to life the spirit of these incredible animals & to pass forward the depths of the energy that they hold along to the observer. These are self-reflective mirrors for strength, courage & self love.”

“These paintings have taken a very long time to create. They are the most challenging paintings I’ve done as the creative process had left very little room for error.”

The layers of these pieces include hidden sketch work, an abstract, a figurative layer that maintains the integrity of the base abstract, a black light UV reactive layer. A further layer of augmented reality can be seen when viewed through a mobile app which brings the paintings to life with music & animation.

Artificial Intelligence Art

“I work with a series of A.I. technologies that serve many different purposes. These programs are built with deep learning neuro network technology & have to ability to interpret simple language into unique & artistic expressions. The final pieces are a mash of many digital mediums which include photography, videography, 3D technology, AI, digital painting & motion graphics editing.

T.H. Acrylic Fauvism Portraits

T.H. Is a highly reclusive Sudbury based acrylic artist. Her works are a reflection of her personal journey & speaks to the trials in which she faces in her mental health. A personal interview with T.H. is being shared within the exhibit.

NFT Projection Mapped Exhibition

A showcase of Nori’s Latest NFT’s are currently being featured via projection. For the best effect make sure to book your spot after sundown.