The more I advance my studies, the more you realize how infinite the creative space truly is.  There seems to be an open doorway of possibilities around every corner. It’s truly endless.

My passion for art & technology was introduced as a child by my mother. She took art & computer courses in university & would return home from class with the most magical artworks that completely captivated my imagination.

I was equally fortunate to be introduced to a personal computer at this early stage of my life. I remember the day she brought home the commodore 64. She told me all about this strange & fascinating machine and how it worked.  She told me that the entire world was trying to find new ways to use this new machine and that learning how to speak with it was the key to unlocking the future.

This sparked a fire within me as a world of infinite possibilities started to seed in my creative dreams. It all started with a simple ‘hello world’ program, & by 8th grade I was creating ‘Zelda’ like mini-games in Turing. By senior year high school I was challenging myself to develop advanced programs with algorithms that showcased the illusion of 3D space & physics. (which is now commonly known as a 3D engine).

As I grew up my foundations started to shake. Art & computers became my way to recapture a sense of peace & regain my center in amidst the chaos. As technology moved at light speed, so too did the development of computer languages. It was a true guessing game as to which language would dominate each forum. This transient playground forced me to adapt to a full array of computer languages. Innovation was the name of the game but it wasn’t until I discovered internet based technology that I started to realize the true potential of the information age.

As the internet picked up speed so too did the information it delivered. I spent one year in college majoring in computer science with a minor in art. At the end of the year, I decided that computer technology was moving faster than the professors could teach it. I was certain that by the time I’d finish, most of what I would learn would become outdated & obsolete. For this reason, I took a step back and decided to jump full tilt into developing a web development & online marketing business.

Along this journey it became apparent that every software needed an artist to develop its front interface. This introduced me to the world of Photoshop & Illustrator. Photoshop became a minor obsession of mine. I owe a lot of my skills to a website called  This is a competitive program that offers each artist an opportunity to receive technical criticism on their work. With time I steadily sharpened my skills from being a beginner digital artist to winning awards & recognition.

This was all just a way to advance my technical skills but the demands of my job started to push further as the needs of my clients changed. Companies needed to represent their products in new and creative ways. It started with a Jewelry company that wanted the perfect shot of their products. Light was a problem to control even by the finest of photographers so I decided to turn to 3D technology. I took it upon myself to learn as much as I could in 3ds Max & Maya to develop & showcase 3d replicas & panorama videos of their products. This introduced me to a whole new rabbit hole of creative possibilities.

Throughout the evolution of my career, I’ve always had a student-for-life mentality with an ever-growing wave of information at my fingertips. Google & the latest tech books were my teachers & I feel very fortunate today that the internet can now provide the answer to nearly any question that I can think of.

There came a time in my mid twenties where I faced a big shift in my life in an attempt to mend my broken connection with my mother. I completely flipped the script and moved to Sudbury Ontario.  I decided to manage my business remotely while expanding my studies of creative mediums through managing a local photography & videography studio. There I took on work doing shoots, creating edits, prints & communications management. In return, I was able to gain mentorship while exploring cutting edge equipment through the enriching experience of running a professional studio.

In time the wind shifted the sails and led me into a position managing Long Valley Productions in Toronto. This was a multimedia production house that produced the hit reality TV series ‘Last Bride Standing’. As all this was unfolding I developed what I at first thought was a simple eye infection in my right eye. When I would close my left eye the entire world would turn into what looked like a moving oil painting. I was sent for an MRI which confirmed the worst; I had optic neuritis caused by Multiple-Sclerosis.

My entire world spun like a top as I was delivered the news. I’m very fortunate to have a loving family that took me in under their wing at this time of need. My health started to slip very quickly. I became highly sensitive to heat & experienced uncontrollable electrical shocks & impulses running through my body. I began to feel burning sensations on the heels of my feet as I progressively lost my ability to walk.

My partner at the time was an Osteopath by profession with a deep passion for nutrition. She challenged me to make drastic changes to my diet in the goal to recapture my health. Facing off against death I steadily focused on doing what was necessary to regain my vitality. It was a slow and steady journey but in time I started to find stable ground to my recovery. I realized that MS was this wild card diagnosis & no one in the medical world truly had an answer to a cause or cure.

In my research I became open to a full spectrum of cultural healing modalities. One in particular caught my eye after watching a documentary on the sacred medicine of the Shipibo Tribe in the Peruvian Amazon jungle called Ayahuasca. Digging deeper I began to find incredible healing stories that I couldn’t ignore.


Ayahuasca is a mix between two plants found in the Amazon that when brewed together in water create a dark & foul-tasting substance. Each plant offers a special key that unlocks the physical metabolization of a Psychedelic Chemical called DMT. This chemical is naturally occurring within the body & is released in times of prayer, meditation & even at death.

The active experience with Ayahuasca can last as long as 6 hours & often results in altered states of consciousness, hallucinations & out of body experiences. For this reason, it has been coined ‘The spirit vine’.

There are at least 40,000 plant species in the Amazon. The odds that a tribe was able to discover the hidden relationship between these two plants is nothing short of a miracle. Legend has it that the tribes first drank Tobacco juice, known as a master plant teacher, which then showed them the way.


This seemed as far outside of the box as I possibly could reach. I wondered what hidden secrets this experience could hold. After careful planning I found myself flying with my partner halfway across the world to venture into the jungle.

To make a long story short the journey was one of the most profound experiences of my life; both deeply challenging and enlightening. It gave me a higher understanding to my personal health, & more so, it opened my eyes to deeper perspectives to who I am in connection to the universe.

Upon my return to Canada, I felt a deep energetic calling to return back to the Jungle. I reached out and found a job working as a communications manager for a conglomerate which included a healing retreat center, a permaculture institute & a foundation aimed to help save the rainforest from encroaching corporations.

I sold nearly all of my possessions and made my way back to the jungle. There I spent half a year working with the Shipibo to better understand their culture. I discovered a deep appreciation for sustainable permaculture by living & working within the institute. There I aided in the development of a documentary that educated tribes on encroaching corporate entities looking to exploit their land & resources. On my journey I found myself walking through acres of burnt & smoldering old-growth rainforest being groomed for cash-crops. I observed a sea of plastic so dense that it hid the surface of in the Amazon river’s basin. These harsh realities challenged my values & opened my eyes to the devastating impact that the 1st world industry passively plays in wiping out the lungs of our earth.

My work in the jungle was truly purposeful & greatly enriched my soul but the humid mid-day heat of the jungle became increasingly unbearable. After 7 months of trying to climatize I decided to leave my position & return back to Canada. With a clean slate I had a choice to reboot my software business or find a deeper direction. In this time of transformation, I was invited to a live Tony Robbins seminar in Toronto. Out of everything that was said the one key idea that struck me the most was the power of passion; That our deepest well of energy is harvested by doing the things we love the most.

That’s when I asked myself a hard question, ‘What is it that I love the most’?

My answer was “creation & innovate”. I was called to fully immersing myself in the art world. My journey began with tapping into one of my favorite mediums, acrylic paint. My first step was organizing a live art & music event. The show was a success & created a ripple effect that led me to building a paint & sip brand called ‘Paint Social’.

The timing couldn’t have been better and the business was an instant success. Since the day of its launch, I’ve had the honor and privilege of inspiring thousands of people into discovering the art of acrylic painting. The beauty of teaching not only helped to regularly sharpen my skills but also provide witness to a myriad of styles and techniques randomly created within the crowds.

Moving into my deepest creative flow I found myself creating intimate bodies of work. Each piece developed with purpose & intention in reflection to the path of my spiritual journey. I have since found a deep reserve of inspiration by combining traditional art techniques with innovative computer technology.

Today my areas of study have bridged through the world of computers, robotics, photography, videography, 3D design, fabrication, music, sound, light, paint, printmaking, and more. The cultivation of these crafts has built a bridge to tighten the gap between my imagination, innovation & the 3d world.

In a universe of infinite possibilities, my journey through computer technology & art is ever unfolding. I am incredibly excited to share my work & inspirations. My intention is to be a mirror; to flow through a creative force that inspires a sense of magic, wonder & innovation.